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The title of this site incorporates my interests in qualified areas of psychology (Social + Occupational), along with additional interest in R-programming (with RStudio, of course).

My intention for creating this website was to promote a personal; and professional, on-line presence to keep things in one accessible place.

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MSc Occupational Psychology\(^1\)

2020-2021, University of the West of England (UWE)

Dissertation: [Quantitative research] A cross-sectional correlational study, with added mediator and moderator analyses.
Title: “Engagement at work: investigating the relationships between age groups, gender, personality; and trait EI”.
(Read a summary here).

BSc (Honours) Social Psychology\(^2\)

2016-2020, The Open University (OU; part-time: 2016-2018)

Final project: [Qualitative research] A form of Critical Discourse Analysis
Title: “Volunteering and identity: a discursive approach to how volunteers see themselves and are seen by others”.
(Read a summary here).

Data Science: Foundations in using R specialisation

2020, Coursera

Courses: R-programming; The data scientists toolbox; Getting and cleaning data; Exploratory data analysis; Reproducible research.


Graduate member

2020-present, The British Psychological Society (BPS)
(Student member 2017-2020)

1, 2 accredited by the BPS



After achieving my BSc (Honours) Social Psychology (grade 2.1) in 2020, I decided to educate myself further by studying a full-time MSc in Occupational Psychology, in the hope of finding a more suitable role for my interests and needs. Ideally, I am looking for assistant researcher; assistant Occupational Psychologist positions or Social Psychology roles. I’m willing to combine both areas of interest; and have a keen interest in R-programming, to accompany SPSS and JASP skills. I also have a working knowledge of Nvivo and RQDA for qualitative analysis.

  • Additional transferable skills include: dedication, honesty, fortitude, attention to detail, data analysis, report writing, use of the usual MS-Office packages.


Before I decided to concentrate full-time on my (then) undergraduate degree in 2018, I had been in full-time employment since leaving secondary education. Various short-lived jobs filled the gap before I undertook an electrical apprenticeship in 1989; and I continued working in several electrical disciplines for 29 years. These included; and are not limited to: maintenance of university estate; technical drawing; inspection & testing; installation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants; and finally, maintenance of utility scale solar sites (LV/HV; AC/DC supplies) in the UK. Each job allowed me to train; and transfer new skills and abilities; honing my focus, dedication, and commitment.

  • Full CV on request